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We all need a secure storage space, to easily store and access data and applications within a minimum cost. Cloud computing is not only a modern application used by people where they can share the data online. This has become an essential part of a business model which gets your business to the next level. There is massive on-demand delivery of computer services such as storage, database, servers, networks, even software on the internet with some certain usage charges.

We understand how important cloud computing is in your business. We offer cloud computing services to let you use an effective, efficient, reliable, scalable and budget-friendly IT solution for your business. A cloud computing architecture will allow you to easily establish the applications at multiple locations worldwide and get access to its recovery solutions in case of accidental data loss.

Our Cloud Computing Services To Grow Your Business

Being a leading cloud computing provider, Amoeba Technocrats helps you to build an acrobatic IT ecosystem, security, and network that you need. Our quality cloud solutions enable you to grow across the world with improved efficiency and productivity. There are multiple reasons to choose cloud services. With our cloud solutions, you will get a speedy solution for your changing business requirements; our cloud platform is designed to give a great business performance.

Advantages of cloud computing over traditional computing

  • Reduced cost

    User can cut off their capital expenses in obtaining hardware and software by purchasing cloud services based on subscription or pay-per-use.

  • Increased Security

    Everything you access and save is in a cloud environment. Even if your PC is damaged, storage is still accessible on another device. Also, there is a comprehensive encryption and security login system, so data is much safer with the cloud computing environment.

  • Flexible Scaling

    Businesses can experience fluctuating bandwidth requirements. With cloud computing services, managing resources becomes easier. We provide flexible packages; you can easily increase or decrease the storage space as per your requirements.

  • Business Agility

    Cloud computing allows businesses to quickly respond to market changes because of its ability to divide and scale computing.

  • Availability

    Effective cloud computing services will be able to make sure on-time resource availability at different levels depending on the customer’s requirement

We provide several Cloud Computing services


Keep pace with the requirement and respond to pressures with Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud computing model. We provide and maintain all the infrastructure requirements e.g. networking, storage, and servers.


Getting maximum control over platform management and software development is what the client requires these days. If you wish to manage the applications without any complexity and cost of buying hardware architecture, this Platform as a service (PaaS) will be perfect for you.


Get access to that expensive software that might have been otherwise unreachable. The Software as a Service (SaaS), the main category of cloud computing will let your data be accessible from any device with an internet connection.


We value our client’s flexibility. With our utility computing services, the client will have access to computing infrastructure and resources as per their requirements. We will operate and manage those resources. The utility solutions include virtual servers, virtual software, virtual storage, and other virtual IT solutions.


Enhance your business operations with our managed cloud computing services. We will manage the IT functions such as infrastructure level or application-level support for you. The client need not worry about system administration and operations, devops automation tools or any other thing, everything is done by us.

Service Commerce

Integrate the features of SaaS and Managed services and use the platform to interact with end users. Our service commerce cloud computing services lets you to do the same without any hassle. Service commerce is just perfect for virtual assistant.

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