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Today with the advanced technology, there are multiple ways to solve a requirement. It is everyone who wishes to get the best quality products and services at an affordable price without having to compromise with quality.

Amoeba Technocrats is a software company that prioritize to deliver the best solution to its clients. We provide the best software quality assurance that is one of the most important and crucial steps while developing software. QA testing is the process that evaluates whether a system, product or service meets the specific requirement or not. Our experts can detect flaws during the early phases of software development. We work to save your time and your money. We help companies to get fully functional, reliable, secure, and user-friendly solutions. We analyse projects to any extent with any number of complexities, by introducing an efficient quality assurance process that can enhance your software quality management strategy.

Software Quality Assurance For Better Quality Outcomes

Amoeba Technocrats understands the importance of quality in software products. We have the team of professional QA testers, who work collectively to make improvements in your software products on a regular basis. The team of developers and testers take up the responsibility to ensure that you deliver a high-quality end product. All the complex activities of QA processes that revolve around the implementation of standards and procedures associated with the assurance that software perfectly meets its requirement. The team of QA expert will handle large number of test cases and provide detailed history of test results. It allows your organization to increase productivity and reduce risk of failure. Fairly done QA testing will reveal all kinds of inconsistencies, redundancies and errors in software. Outsourcing software quality assurance processes to Amoeba Technocrats team will allow you to focus on your strengths, core business, while the testing task is being completed by our team.

We provide several QA services


Ensure your product/application/service is accessible to all. Team will test your product as it can also be used by persons with disabilities. These disabilities may be visual disability, hearing, learning or non-functional organs related disabilities. Our focus will be to verify product usability and accessibility.


Ensuring that your software product is enough capable to run under different environments e.g. browsers, hardware, operating system, networks, and devices, is essential. We will perform non-functional testing to ensure that there is no impact on different versions, configurations, etc.


Validate the functionalities of the software program to ensure all the quality standards are being adhered to. Core application functions, inputs, installations, and setup etc. will be checked to make sure that the application is fully functional.


Checking whether the software behaves perfectly under different local settings or culture is a vital thing. Verify appropriate cultural and linguistic and cultural aspects of a program to customize your software application as per the requirement.


Features provided by the software are not the only concern. The performance of the program does highly matter. Eliminate all the performance bottlenecks in software. We will evaluate the speed, reliability, response time, scalability of the software program and find out what needs to be improved.


Validate the ease of use or usability of the software product. We will perform testing from the perspective of end-users, to determine how user-friendly the product interface is. From validating the ease of use, product work-flow, content, we will ensure all crucial aspects of the product.

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